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released September 12, 2014

Beton Records 2014
Tehnika: Jure Vlahovič in Jernej Černalogar, Studio Metro
Miks in mastering: Miha Šajina
Ovitek: Uroš Weinberger


all rights reserved



Moveknowledgement Slovenia

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Track Name: Talk

Wait. Talk to me
You need to wait, talk to me
Talk to me
Before you state your verdict
talk to me
Don’t care what people are saying
you need to talk to me
talk to me
Nobody’s coming up to me on the street,
When it comes to real life interactions they lack integrity
I keep my business straight, like a conservative
You wouldn’t want to feel the wrath of God would you?
Talk to me
Talk to me

Wait. Talk to me
You need to wait, talk to me
Talk to me
People at the rave are getting false information
talk to me- first
You need to be doing your job, just like i do mine
...talk to me
Where’d you get that?
where’d you get that?
I don’t care what school you and your friends graduated from
it’s not a real school, it’s just a private school
I hate freedom, I fucking hate freedom
there, I said it
You live in a mermaid house
an upside down version of the world
To be honest I don’t think you deserve all this attention
I would gladly have your city burned to the ground
I’m feeding a troll aren’t I?

Talk to me
just talk to me

I don't know what you don't know
Track Name: Moodswings

Moodswings, falling from a skyscraper
overdose on now and laters
put your style on hiatus
leave your dry clothes in Vegas
watch me moodswing
we’ll see who’s got
the loudest paper
suffer like a thousand acres
blood stains on my apron
keep my mind on my haters
Moodswing, crybaby for the fuck of it
see me on your top 100 list
behold my stubbornness,
you know you suck at this
Moodswings, from politeness to lowbrow
the whole city 'bout to know now
we 'bout to slow it down
we 'bout to hold it down
we 'bout to…

Moodswings, try to keep me outdated
it doesn’t matter how I say it
cause my mind isn’t dangerous
it’s just highly sedated
watch me moodswing
we’ll se who’s got
the loudest anger
suffer like a dying racist
Blood stains on the anus
keep your eyes on your haters
watch me Moodswing, crybaby for the bluff of it
see me rise above your government
behold my glove and fist
World, you can suck my dick
Moodswings, from politeness to lowbrow
the whole city 'bout to know now
we 'bout to slow it down
we 'bout to hold it down
we 'bout to…

Moodswings, nobody reads my sign language
it doesn’t matter how I say it
far from a banquet
I’m a proud young escapist
watch me moodswing,
we’ll see who’s got the cheapest labour
suffer like an elevator
blood stains on my crayons
keep my smile on my haters
Watch me Moodswing, crybaby and I’m loving it
see me when I rock the leopard print
can’t get enough of it
Girl, don’t even touch my shit
Moodswings, from politeness to know how
the whole city 'bout to go down
we 'bout to slow it down
we ‘bout to ...
Track Name: Jehovah

Back on the road, no time to kick back
I’m on the stage behind the backstage of the big bands
I got permission to be here, check my wrist band
Empty their fridge of snacks
before they get back
Focus on my show, flow tight like a corset
watching these monotony lovers practice their brostep
a true believer, Fred Durst the poet
you know it
please don’t don’t quit
You aren’t DIY, a manufactured shit bag
stitched together in a sweatshop on the East bank
the human centipede - spawned in a think tank
A LibDem, with 6 packs
Love to be the other side of a whiplash
Piggyback ride on your way to the Senate
Circle pit, watch the sissy kid become a menace
I get it
I get it

Form the wall of death like a soldier
Pyramid scheme from the sofa
Strike from the sky like a cobra
Form the wall of death like a soldier
Pyramid scheme from the sofa
Bite you cause my love is like a cobra

I see the sky is full of wishing wells
And all those coins are going straight to hell
Sunbathing on the beach with stranded whales
everybody got their little sacks to sell
Bros are coming out the ocean, by the twelves
Wearing nothing but their pistol belts
Looks so fly that they only like to kiss themselves
Either that or only kiss to tell
Act like a man, but u a bitch as well
I know exactly how you sissies smell
Just go ahead and ring the bell

I got a hundred stories left to tell

Form the wall of death like a soldier
Pyramid scheme from the sofa
Strike from the sky like a cobra
Form the wall of death like a soldier
Pyramid scheme from the sofa
Bite you cause my love is like a cobra
Track Name: On It

Y’all ain’t even qualified
in bed with a dollar sign
give it to you Gotham style
4 to the floor, sodomised
Too unique to speak
All enter, no delete
Colours all need feedback
you need a dick I’ll be that
My thumbs are up all night
Space guitars sounding tight
Gladiator, man of nature
Queen of hearts, star of David
My friend you’re miles from Davis
I’ma give your jazz a facelift
Can see your hands are anxious
waiting for the chance to spam on Satan
Death behind an apron
can’t control the vibe
Those lips can’t blow my mind
Won’t drill no holes in time
Talk food but can’t trap
laser beams inside my Gaps
that’s my word, face the fact
it’s over when I finish the track

I’m on it
what you gonna do with it?

1,2, 1,2 let me test the mic
got too much low but I guess it’s right
Me and my bros, chests collide
Send ripples through your red red wine
Mesmorised, Batman costume
talk shit that shit gon cost you
I ain’t talking lawsuits
no need to argue
What you need is to travel faster
Wax your sideburns, comb them backwards
I’m cold but I don’t throw tantrums
Boners ask, I know the answers
I’m Samson, whatever
one of those necks that I can’t remember
More brain then you’ve ever seen
Age is a number - 17
Bullshit gets multiplied
still can’t control the spine
Those lips can’t blow my mind
Won’t drill no holes in time
this world/such a drag
i’m dope so, must brag
that’s my word, face the fact
it’s over when I finish the track

With your legs spread wide
open door to another world
I’m on it
and every single house out here is haunted
Spread wide open up to another world
I’m on it
that’s why you can’t escape the fuckin gauntlet
Track Name: Already Dead

See you like to chit chat
I’m a get mine too
Don’t really follow news
so I discuss you
Like to park the car
right inside the mall
Used to hate the world but
now it ain’t bad at all
Cue up in a longer line
for a bag of douche
Everyone looks like you so
try not to act confused
Try to act like Brad
try to act like Sue
Try to act like the actor that acts
like the bastard that’s actually you
Try to take what you can but don’t stand
for a gram of the loot to be taken from you
Better to behave all humble
Save your hurrays in a bundle
Gonna take what’s mine
Leave your face behind
See that borderline?
It’s your only life

Already dead!
You break it and buy it and break it

What you know about flavour?
I can beat the best
Don’t write the laws,
just write the checks
Good God, my teeth
hooked on to your breasts while you
out in the world trying to get some sleep
I can’t create no jobs
I create the gods
that create your cash
I’m a spend it fast
You can talk like a man but
who the fuck you fooling?
Bitch- this the soundtrack to
stealing candy from babies music
You can say I’m a thief if you make
what I need to be me illegal can’t you?
We can make an agreement
You can take it or leave it
I'ma take whats mine
Leave your face behind
See that borderline?
It’s your only life

Already dead!
You break it and buy it and break it
Track Name: See

He sees
broken like a thank you
twisted like an ankle
homeless like an uncle
no mentors

He sees
sadder then a promise
a million fucking sorry’s
teenage like Atari

He see’s
but I am not your outrage
shaped like a bird cage
...Karma brakes shrugging

his world is all of your whereabouts
calling me a parasite
get your own here and now
get your own here and now
or tear it out

he sees!

He sees
focused like an arrow
shaped like an apple
status always single
in limbo

sadder then a bless you
gets spoiled like a nephew
..his brain's a masaratti old timer
reads you like a gold mine
it’s show time

He sees
but my mind is a churchill
my pride is a virtue
see right through your curfew
your nurse too

He sees
grounded like a land mine
the winner by a landslide
or should I say a satellite
the Saturn light

He sees!
Track Name: Born in the Past

I was born in the past
and I’ll be damned if I’ll be going back

Notice that solar system right outside your home in France
kids are making noise, drones are silent over Pakistan
Laughing at your uncles jokes
passing out at summer camp
Bought your soul with some blood and sweat
gonna sell it for a couple grand
No one’s here to hold your hand
So and so just formed a band
in 20 years they’ll own Japan with oldies goldies
proto jams
I’m not supportive
the golden era’s overslept
DJs getting no respect
strictly demos, no requests
Strip you of your trophy heads
it’s 6 o’clock/ you know you’re dead
everybody loves the stars and stripes cause the
stars and stripes got no regrets
My words mean nothing
my world’s a tumblr blog so fuck it
I got problems
You got suspects

Notice that punk is dad
All day long I’m Grumpy cat
Baby boomer radio still bumping that
consumption tax
Feeding the nostalgia monster
different breed of upper class
Kittens in a duffle bag
throw them off a fiord canal
Locked inside a love hotel
see my summer go to hell
See my future spoken for
institutions close their doors
doesn’t really mean what it seems be
respect your might when you respect my rights
not the other way around -that’s monarchy
Evergreens are all the rage
Disco balls control the stage
Let’s all pretend there’s a golden age
where burgers served on roller skates
I’ma sing your name
when I dig your grave
while you still alive you’re digging mine
Not the other way around son
face the facts
think payback

born in the past

Need my blood, keeps me young
Use my lungs, steal my grunge
Ankle jeans, secret drums
Hate your songs, read my thumbs
Rolling stones, overdose
When can I get, home alone?
Me and my dad, soul 2 soul
School of rock, I got no Ramones
Bad advice, go to work
Save me from, the grace of jones
Save me from, my daily chores
When I get rich I’m taking yours
When I get rich I’m breaking doors
When I get this I’m a make you poor
The future’s here
and it’s horrible

born in the past
Track Name: Bad Day

I used to love H.E.R. but she treats me like whore
You see that bright future? Well she's spoken for
Keep drawing lines -around my own planets
I got low standards, even below average
I said I’m spoken for I’m sorry man
You wanna politic - do it with my hologram
Keep working on that million dollar plan
All wall, no Berlin
see me on soap and skin
There’s no biz like show biz
rhymes with St. Tropez
made a fortune with knock knock jokes for the homeless
You’re all coke heads aren't you?
Bringing the K to the KK since 92’, aren’t you?
Your girlfriend is cheating
Beach houses fucking up my ceilings
Something’s going on in the East wing
Start to change the way I see things
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming
My mind is god’s gift to the tree swings
All of a sudden bros got feelings
Supposed to understand your side of the G-string
Sold off everything, trying’ to look like you
to find out that you really wanna be me
You’re not a real thing, your fiction is ridiculous
pacing the floor and I’m fuckin sick of it

it’s been a bad day
bad for the world

You need to shut the fuck up
your guitar never killed a fascist
The new age never happened
New York is a shit Atlantis
The only thing trickling down on people is rainwater
Two men in an elevator, straight awkward
I’ve travelled miles to be where all the great jobs are
but every day of the week just happens to be the wrong one
Undisputed champion of the one big break
got 5 middle fingers, who the fuck wanna debate?
Remember that one time, sitting in business class
Snakes on a plane without Samuel L. Jackson
I’ma start counting my blessings when they start paying their taxes
or become a job creator and hire some hi-jackers
It’s either that or Google-search myself into a coma
Too old for irony, too dope to grow up
I’m still no booze, no cigarettes and no drugs
given up on the no cussing rule,there’s no love

it’s been a bad day
bad for the world

2 left brains, straight A student
22 vision, fuck with my union
nothing to look forward to
except being a judas
some call it a future
or call it a nuisance

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